Adams Cap: UPF 45+ Extreme Performance (EF101)

Item # ADAM-ACEF101
Product Information
  • Low Profile
  • Velcro Closure
  • Adams exclusive Cool-Crown™ comfort mesh lining with CoolPlus® terry cloth sweatband
  • UV protective (UPF 45+)
  • water/stain-repellant coating
  • extra long visor for sun protection
This performance hat is the extreme hat for your outdoor adventures. Made of 70% cotton/30% nylon, this functional cap is UV protective with UPF of 45+ and has a water/stain repellant coating. It has four panels, is low profile and has an extra-long visor for sun protection. Other features included in this cap are the mesh side panels and screen metal eyelets for extra breathability, flexible nylon webbing outside Velcro closure, a metal clip and cord system to attach to your collar, and Adams exclusive Cool-Crown comfort mesh lining that is designed to promote cooling and minimize staining. Choose the color that is right for you, this extreme hat is going to be a great addition to your hat collection!
Sizes:One Size
Colors:6 color(s) available (see below)
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Product Reviews:
7 users rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

I have searched for several decades for the perfect hat for use while running marathons, sea kayaking, golfing, backpacking etc. Any activity where I was outside for an extended period of time and didn't want my dome and face to get torched, and didnt want to go blind. This hat was thoughtfully designed combining features that solve shortcommings of dozens of other hats I've tried over the years. Sun protection, reflection off the underside of the bill, sweat management, comfort, adjustability, good looks, no advertising, etc. Finally, a product that appears to have gone through a proper design process instead of something 'designed' by corporate 'bean counters'. Its amazing how many products are made with the sole purpose of making money instead of solving a need or purpose. Nice job Adams! - 'Splash'

This is a lightweight, breathable hat with a nice terry cloth sweatband built in. The best feature is the extra long bill for sun protection. Highly recommended. - Dew

[...] The cap is great, very comfortable, cool, and lightweight. I wear is on the water, flyfishing, where glare is a big thing. With the underside of the brim darkened you get essentially no glare. That's a big thing when your on the water 10 or 12 hours a day. The brim is also a bit longer than most caps which cuts down glare as well. Overall it's a great cap, I've not seen another with the same features, yet. - BulSprig

I had one of these a few years ago and wore it out. It won't last forever - I guess because of the UV rays and the fact that it's made of thin fabric. But the thin fabric is why I want it and it lasts long enough to be well worth it. I've never found a better hat for hot weather. - Fisherman

Great for any outdoor activity - covers face well and is adjustable. Has clip to keep on in case you are on a boat or in strong wind. I ran it through the washing machine and it did great. - can't wear just any hat

I love the Adams cap line and this hat in particular, with its lightweight fabric and extra-long bill. I have mixed feelings about the string and clip--mostly it just gets in the way--since I've actually never had a hat which blew away such that I couldn't retrieve it. - Janet

retired mid. mgr. part time cruise line greeter hat worn for casual cool look - jim the cruise line greeter

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Adams Cap: UPF 45+ Extreme Performance (EF101)
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